Elite K-9 Soldiers on a mission


K-9 Soldiers are never called or referred to by their professional handlers as DOGS. These elite K-9 Soldiers were never bred or trained to be “pets”. They are called or referred to as SOLDIERS or K-9’s. A constant reminder that they are K-9’s with a PURPOSE and that their sole exitance is to fulfill their life’s MISSION.

K-9 Soldiers were selected (recruited) as puppies to come into the K-9 Soldiers program after careful selection criteria had been met, based on breed, genetics and drive. Once selected, K-9 Soldiers go through extensive training, training that continues throughout their lifetime or retirement. Designed enriched and tailored diets for optimum performance, psychical high intensity endurance training and depending on the Soldiers mission specialty trainings from nose work, sports agility to defense training are a vital part to their development and conditioning. Depending on the Soldier their MISSION call range from:


Human Trafficking

Search and rescue of children kidnapped by human traffickers for sexual exploitation, forced labor or organ harvesting is of the highest priority for our K-9 Soldiers.  Our Soldiers are train to engage with lethal force, if necessary, the kidnappers while protecting and bring comfort to the kidnapped.  In addition, to securing the crime scene and preserving all evidence.


Search and Rescue

We call it SEEK and SAVE.  This can involve people lost during a severe storm like a hurricane, flood, tornado or even a fire.  In addition, K-9 Soldiers can serve in the recovery of Individual that end up as a missing person or a runaway while K-9 cadaver K-9’s search for those already deceased.


Detection Work

Their mission is SEEK and FIND.  K-9 Soldiers are high skilled detection scent K-9’s. From human scent to narcotics, explosives, weapons, ammo to electronics. Each K-9 Soldier is trained in one scent.  Specializing in one order and not two assuring greater success, focus and drive.