Detection Work

Tracking K9s

Tracking and Trailing K-9 Soldiers are the most utilized dogs in Seek and Save. With the ability to follow human odor for great distances these dogs are an invaluable asset in locating missing persons. Depending on the Soldier their MISSION call range from:

Cadaver Detection K-9

Our cadaver K-9 Soldiers are dogs who are trained to pick up the scent of human remains (which is why you'll sometimes see them referred to as human-remains detection dogs). Their work may seem similar to search and rescue dogs, but cadaver dogs play a distinctly different role.

Explosive Detection K9s

Our bomb K-9 Soldiers are trained to locate explosive odors, and many are cross trained to locate guns and ammo as well. This allows our Security K9 teams to detect and deter anyone wanting to do harm at your concert, festival, expo, school, church and more.

Narcotic Detection K9s

Addiction is a Health Emergency in the US and tackling it requires a multifaceted approach. Whether you're looking to ensure your facility is fostering a safe and secure environment or search your own home, our K-9 Soldiers drug dogs can clear more area faster and more reliably than any human can.

Weapons/Firearms Detection K9s

K-9 Soldiers are highly trained K-9’s able to work through any environment and detect the presence of guns, gun oils, powders and ammunition. All events have places of entrance and exit, with our Security Dog Teams at those locations, they will be able to detect or deter anyone wanting to do harm.

Electronics Detection K9s

Cell Phones and other Electronic Devices are considered contraband in some secure facilities such as prisons and rehabs. Our Security K-9 Soldiers can help you sniff out this contraband to keep your facility secure. In addition, many electronic device have GPS coordinates of missing and exploited individuals as well as store child pornography all which is evidence in the prosecution of human traffickers and pedophiles.

Mold Detection K9s

Storms bring toxic work environments. K-9 Soldiers Mold Detection K-9’s are an elite team of mold detection k-9’s

Emotionally Support K9s

The process starts with a K-9 Soldier Search and Rescue dogs and ends many times with a K-9 Soldiers Emotionally Support dog. K-9 Soldiers bring comfort to our children who have been victimized by human traffickers or suffer adverse trauma from storms or loss of a loved one.